Forster Dean Professional Consultations: FAQ vol.1

I came to England from Eastern Europe a few weeks ago, my English skills are poor. I work as a general worker at a plant for two weeks, and I’ve collided with a serious problem. When I worked in a warehouse, I was knocked by a forklift. I suffered a back injury, and now I cannot work, have to borrow from relatives to somehow make ends meet. I’ve heard that there is a chance to get a compensation. I’m worried that the driver who was driving a forklift, was employed through the agency. Does this mean that the factory will not be responsible for the actions of the driver? Tell me please, is it possible to get any money in my case? I do not have funds to hire a lawyer. Besides, I’m worried about my poor language skills.
Please, help me out. Marek.

Dear Marek, at Forster Dean we deal with accident claims similar to yours on a daily basis. Unfortunately, such incidents frequent enough, and a majority of the victims are eligible to obtain a significant monetary compensation for the injuries and incurred financial losses, including lost earnings and the cost of private treatment. Firstly, you need to be very careful: it is very important to sign any documents relating to the accident knowingly, so make sure that you fully understand the contents and essence (as a last resort, request a translation before signing anything).