I promised never to let it build up to these levels again. I failed. The 'To blog' folder full of links is bursting at the seams, and I'm even being as lazy as to export it directly and paste it in here, with no editing at all. Sue me. If you're in a rush, go straight to the last one. I only added it to the pile today, and it's 'super cool' (must be said in a French accent).

AkibaLive: Name Stamp & USB Memory Card
ThinkGeek :: Albert Einstein Action Figure
MailFrontier Phishing IQ Test
Trojan Horse Christmas | The Register
MSNBC - Trial shows how spammers operate
Memo pad with built-in potted plant - Engadget -
Faking the Lomo effect ( CameraMail
Tiger Beat Gates
notetoself: weblog: Making the tube more fun
Bunny suicides
MIDI Bagpipe Roundup
Matt Groening Apple Ad
Wikipedia:Unusual articles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
fluff_catdog.jpg 664x600 pixels
GCScover.jpg 621x838 pixels
Deep Sea Creatures - Found At Seaside After TSUNAMI -
krautboy: "Women will get sterile just looking at you." - Charles De Mar
the wurst gallery
Puzzle Alarm Clock - Valentine's Day Online Gift Shopping Australia - Unique Presents, Gift Ideas, Novelty Adult Products, Big Boys Toys and Home Gambling accessories
A parent's primer to computer slang
Black and White Photography: Paris through a pinhole
3M Security Glass Ad (Signal vs. Noise)
Query Letters I Love Photos: Air France Boeing 747-228BM
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The Stupid Store: Global Warming Mug
Artocracy - Buy & Sell Digital Art
Stupid Computer Tricks
The Daily Telegraph | The KGB spy's guide to London
The National Archives | News | New document releases | Releases in 2005
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:: Addject ::
Puppy Purses
Mobile PC - Features - The Birth of the Notebook
A Week of Kindness Blog: Laura K. Pahl is a Plagiarist.
Picotux Linux-Based RJ45-Sized Computer
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MailFrontier Phishing IQ Test – UK Edition Free Music Downloads: Top Downloads