You otter visit

So we visited my home village over the past weekend, and on one of the days went for a few hours to the Otter Pool, the almost-dried riverbed of the Dee created when the river was dammed upstream – I spent many happy days there as a child. This time, I spent a large amount of the time immersed both in the cool, clean running water, and in my Kindle.

You can see photos and a short video I shot at the Otter Pool on Flickr, or get an idea of the drama of the place with this [Silverlight-requiring] panorama.

Dog of the Week (again!): Genghis Khan

Hey, remember Genghis Khan? Bouncy, over-enthusiastic lurcher-type? Jenny warned him that nobody would want to adopt him if he kept being an asshole? Well, look at him now, after months of training; moh!

(He doesn’t like it if you stop petting him.) He’s a sweetie, and up for adoption at the Bath Cat and Dogs Home; can you offer him an engaged, lively home?


Tonight’s dinner: zuppa di pasta e fagioli…
…and bread and butter pudding made with a little Christmas panettone:
That is all.

Dog of the Week: Hudson

After weeks of work-enforced absence, we went back to BCDH today, and this was the chap we were asked to walk. Lurcher in shape but with a bit of Staffie colouring and bulk, Hudson was very sweet. He did, however, get a bit over-excited and bitey – proper taking-my-arm-in-his-mouth bitey, though without intent to hurt – a couple of times, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him muzzled the next time I go up. Still: lovely to be back.

The colours of autumn

To the Chinese, it’s just called ‘food’

Most of America’s innovations have made their way to the UK, especially those relating to junk food. But one cultural artefact, to which we’ve been exposed for decades through American TV, never has: those little cardboard fold-up containers for Chinese food. So tonight, after the awesome Susie at Mac|Life sent some empty ones over along with a buttload of candy, we made* Chinese and carefully decanted it into these little boxes of joy and pretended we were living in New York. One observation: no wonder Americans are always taking leftovers out of the fridge the next day; these things are fucking huge. (That open one has a full portion hiding at the bottom of it.)

*Bought from M&S, heated in the microwave