The Top Benefits of Using Ultrasonic Industrial Cleaning System

The Top Benefits of Using Ultrasonic Industrial Cleaning System

Ultrasonic industrial cleaners have become one of the top choices when it comes to heavy duty cleaning. It outperforms the mechanical and kinetic energy metal degreaser system by far in performance and cost savings.

How does Ultrasonic Industrial Washers Work?

Ultrasonic industrial degreaser  uses high frequency sound waves to agitate the soil and debris sticking to the surface of the parts. It agitates the solvent or aqueous liquid which leads to rapid formation and bursting of numerous microscopic bubbles resulting in improved cleaning.

The machines in the UltraClean range use this process called cavitation to deal with various type of materials like plastic, glass, ceramic, metal and other substrate substances.

The innovative technology of ultrasonic cleaner provides some unique benefits across a wide spectrum of industries.

The Benefits of Ultrasonic Industrial Washers

Gentle and Thorough Cleaning

Ultrasonic industrial degreaser provides a gentle yet thorough cleaning of your parts. Ultrasonic sound waves do not involve any harsh cleaning techniques, water pressure or abrasion methods and can be used for delicate materials.

This is the reason they are preferred for cleaning microchips, circuit boards, pharmaceutical and surgical parts.

The sound waves also hit the parts from different angles at varying frequencies. This random application of pressure using high frequency waves cleans the whole surface area evenly and effectively.

Clean Complex Parts

While we do have the best on offer, do note that mechanical and other metal degreaser even from standardindustrial cannot clean the interior and complex areas like drilled holes, blinds, fine threads. However, the sound waves coupled with cleaning detergent can reach all areas including any geometrically challenging interior.

Ultrasonic technology can penetrate any crack, crevice and hidden passageways offering superior decontamination.

Time Saving

Ultrasonic cleaners use high frequency waves which can travel as fast as 400 KHz- that means 40,000 sound pulses can be emitted per second!

Each and every pulse that hits the cleaning parts contributes to the cleaning process. So many sound waves per second enable ultrasonic industrial washers to remove dirt and grime faster than any other cleaning technology.

Suitable for All Contaminants

If you want a versatile cleaner that is flexible with all types of soil, ultrasonic washers fit your bill perfectly!

You can clean a wide range of contaminants like oil, grime, grease, dirt, dust, rust, soot, metal shavings, wax, parting compound, clay, sand, oxidation, carbon and almost anything you can think of.

The industrial cleaning system can even wipe out particles of microscopic size.

High Reliability

Unlike other industrial washers, ultrasonic cleaning equipments contain fewer moving parts. You won’t find revolving spray nozzles, fans, agitators, oscillators or pumps- that mean fewer objects to break down and maintain.

The absence of any rotating equipment and movable parts increases the longevity and reliability of the ultrasonic industrial degreaser.

Lower Utility Bills

Ultrasonic cleaners also consume less power for the same reason we discussed above. There are no pumps, mechanical oscillators or sprays which require electrical power.

The system only has a small filter which employs a motor and the rest is taken care by the high frequency waves.


Industrial design – everything you need to know about it and beyond

Industrial design is often considered a sector where a creator’s aesthetic and technical skills are being used to improve the overall aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality of a certain product. Usually, industrial design is used for home improvements. Leaning more about a company that is dealing with building services will give you a better idea of what industrial design does in terms of real estate. In other words, industrial design is a special form of design which is considered a type of art applied to a house or another product in order to improve it and make it easier and more comfortable to use. Read below a series of information about industrial design that you might want to know about.

What’s the role of industrial design?

Someone who doesn’t know much about this topic might want more information related to industrial design. The role of this sector is to search, create and display the best options in designing an object (e.g. a house). For this, industrial designers need to find solutions that include high levels of engineering, production, marketing and product line-up. The term design appeared in the year 1851 in connection with the complicated realities of industrial production faced then. It is a concept – and a method of art creation – which seeks to provide each product the highest functional yield. According to IDSA, the role of industrial design would be optimizing the function of products and systems for mutual benefit (for both the user and the manufacturer).

For instance, electrical building services are one sector that highly requires functionality at its maximum. HVAC systems, ventilation, air conditioning, control systems – all imply research and solutions for the best possible outcome. Plus, an industrial designer will also deal with the troubling task of testing, solving any eventual problem and correcting any errors or shortcomings that the client may encounter.

What does it imply

Working in the field of industrial design imply combining both art and engineering and getting the best out of it. Considering that maximum functionality is the goal of each process that takes place inside industrial designing, it is very important to know what this job requires. Turning ideas into actual, working products is something not everyone can do. Imagination and communication combined to create the base of industrial designing itself. Without the ability to operate in CAD programs, 3D imaging and mock-ups to help clients picture the final result, industrial designers can’t complete their work.

Final thoughts

No matter you are thinking about building services or other fields that industrial design might be helpful in, you should consider using the services of a designer who can maximize the efficiency and functionality of the object you are targeting. An industrial designer will recreate exactly the idea you have in mind and put it into practice, which represents literally making a dream come true. Look for industrial design services and you surely won’t be disappointed with the outcome.

The Role Of Viral Videos In The Context Of Digital Marketing

Quite simply, a decent viral video is a piece video content that managed to achieve great popularity and score millions of views due to the active sharing via email, social networking platforms or YouTube by viewers themselves.

Even though an average studio will strongly recommend creating instructional and informational videos, these types rarely become viral. As a rule, entertaining and humorous videos are way more likely to hit the spot. These videos quickly spread across the Internet and get into the mainstream media charts. However, the success cannot be purchased – the viral video is considered to be successful when it walks around the web naturally. The approached was confirmed in a research carried out by HTP digital marketing Manchester enterprise – the company focusing on brand promotion and specialised in analytical techniques (roughly, the ROI is 65% more than in common videos).

The ‘hit or miss’ nature of viral videos

Tempted by the prospect of incredible publicity, a business owner is looking to resort to the option as soon as possible. Of course, the best of the best may create a video that reaches millions of views, and maybe satisfy the pride of the client (and perhaps, facilitate the construction of major brands such as Budweiser), but certainly it is not the most successful goal for conventional marketer. For most companies attracting the attention of a couple of thousands of potential customers is both more profitable and more realistic task (especially in comparison with taking the fancy of millions of innocent people not motivated to purchase some product).

So even though the achievement of ‘viral’ status seems to be extremely attractive, frankly speaking, the strategy can hardly boast a one-fits-all status (definitely, not every business can adopt the strategy). Another aspect to underline is an extremely tough production; thus, in aspiration to gain the desired viral status a better part of commercials cause nothing but irritation, causing the opposite effect. (more…)

Ultrasound Applied: Understanding The Nature Of Contamination

Among the processes occurring in liquid media with ultrasound, cleaning the surface of solids in the ultrasonic medium is successfully applied in numerous industries. Ultrasound is widely taken advantage of for cleaning steel belt, filters, injectors, aluminum or copper wires, cables, etc. Introduction of ultrasonic oscillations in the washing solutions can not only speed up the cleaning process, but also guarantee higher efficiency of cleaning. Due to technical detergent-soluble compounds used in the process of cleaning eliminated are flammable and toxic organic solvents, which undoubtedly leads to improved working conditions, improves the culture of production, and also allows to partially solve the issues of environmental safety.

The effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning depends on the choice of a variety of parameters, including and physico-chemical properties of the liquid detergent. For right choice of solutions must also consider the nature of the contamination: the degree of adhesion to the surface to be cleaned, the chemical interaction with the detergent solution, the ability to withstand loads microshock (cavitation resistance).

Given the nature of the contamination and the nature of their relationship with the surface the following main types of pollution are distinguished:

  • inorganic contaminants, mechanically coupled with the surface (dust, sawdust, shavings of metallic and nonmetallic, carbon black, and so on);
  • strongly adherent to the surface mechanically materials (abrasive grains, particles of mineral or metal);
  • deposited on the surface (salt cake after treatment in salt baths, scum and so on) – all these types of contamination could be removed due to ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

In industrial use actual the problem of removing pollution of organic nature remains actual, and this is where of the coating or resin bonds mechanically weakly coupled with the surface (dust, sawdust and shavings plastic, carbon black, coal, coke); having a small degree of adhesion to the surface (grease and oil film and lubricants, grinding, polishing and lapping pastes); firmly grip (lacquers, resins, adhesives, paints and enamels).

Dirt film chemically bonded to the surface (oxides, salts and salt-like compounds, including rust and corrosion products) is another problem faced by engineers. To speed up the process of cleaning complex equipment is typically integrated into assembly lines. Nowadays the UK market is oozing with decent leasing options, e.g. Hilsonic Company, a noteworthy manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaners, provides over 20 beneficial contract options.

During the purification process the contaminants properties should be considered: their physical state (liquid or solid, liquid viscosity and the melting point of solid residues); nature of the relationship with the surface contamination of products (polar or non-polar); polymerization degree of pollution in the work components parts at high temperatures (during drawing, stamping, forging and the like. n.); and the presence of small solid particles which fill the grooves, blind and through holes; conglomeration of corrosion products and oxidation pollution.

The most common types of production for most of the dirt and oil are the combination of oil-based contaminants, polishing pastes, inorganic contamination in the form of dust particles, and mechanical, corrosion products, oxides, oxide films. (more…)

Transportation Processes From Within: Gantry Hoists

The intensive development of container transportation vehicles, rail, river and sea transport led to the creation of special materials handling equipment performance, in particular gantry cranes Rail mounted able to perform operations on the movement of goods from one mode of transport to another, taking into account their relative position overload on one area.

Gantry cranes represent the systems of continuous cyclic operation. Nowdays models are largely designed for lifting equipment for handling medium and large-capacity containers of various types and capacities. One of the most important features of container gantry cranes is definitely the ability to cover the large transshipment and storage space, which paved driveways to different modes of transport, road and railway ones. Cranes of this type are mainly used in the terminals with a large turnover rate of handling rail, road, sea, river containers, as well as on container platforms of industrial warehouses. Gantry hoists are equipped with a variety of lifting devices: manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation types.

Gantry container cranes

The cranes are typically offered with no console, one or two consoles, and to work in seaports – lifting console options. Sometimes such valves are mounted on the deck of the vessel, in which case they are called container ship cranes. Such devices are equipped with container ships with one purpose – to load and unload containers regardless of port facilities. These cranes have a bridge with folding consoles or without them. The portal is moved on the deck over the rails. The crane is equipped with a support or trolley corner, often having a swinging boom that allows operation without consoles.

At transfer points (sites) with a low turnover rate container handling gantry cranes are used hoisting capacity of 8 – 10 tons. The capture and release of containers is made using slings and other accessories, such as universal truck frames, made in the form of cross-arms, essential when dealing with containers deformed.

On platforms equipped with multiple gantry cranes 12.5 tons each, containers weighing up to 20 tonnes gross in co-operation of the two cranes can be handled. In this case, the device for gripping the container (manual or automatic) hung on the hooks of the cranes.

The complex crane equipment rail excavators for loading of large containers can be divided into two groups:

  • Rail gantry cranes for railway stations and industrial plants with capacity of 20 tons or more;
  • Shore cranes for sea and river port capacity up to 32 tons.

As for the production businesses, one of the most successful gantry hoist and overhead cranes manufacturers in the UK is Granada Material Handling, the company with an impressive track record in machinery industry. A seasoned player is known for its ambitious projects with Bentley, Airbus, Siemens and Nissan projects (and that’s just a few examples). Apart from standard equipment GMH provides an opportunity to create the gantry hoist as a custom solution that still meets unsurpassed safety, performance and cost-efficiency standards. (more…)

The Nuances Of Flanges Manufacturing

Steel flanges, the common elements in the construction of communications (thus, almost any pipe is connected with the flange), despite the apparent simplicity pass a range of stages to come out from the assembly line. On the basis of the vital functions delegated to such elements, the production of flanges is always associated with strict quality control and advanced equipment usage, as disturbances in technology may lead to malfunctions of the whole pipeline, brings the catastrophic losses.

If a manufacturer doesn’t comply with the technological requirements, the processing of finished flanges on lathes would be impossible, as the incisors will not be able to cope with the hardness of the products. Therefore, heat treatment is a must in the production of high-alloy steel to avoid inability for further processing.

Flanges are typically produced basing on variety of technologies, including forging, stamping, casting, as well as cutting of rolled steel. All of them have strong suits and weak points, though globally the circle of production approaches is narrowed to a couple of methods.

Methods of flanges production

One of the most technologically advanced production methods flanges is forging. The undoubted advantages of the method are its simplicity, reliability, and a relatively low cost of preparation process (making matrix). However, semimanufactures, the essential products needed for forged flanges productions, constantly fluctuating in price (in this case the low prices are almost excluded), and each flange size needs its own forging form, which significantly affects the price, especially in the conditions of small batches orders. However, the method allows producing metal flanges of unparalleled quality, and innovative firms are making their choice in favor of this method. Thus, the leading UK manufacturers, e.g. AlexanderComley, set before forging stainless steel flanges and tubesheets production method. (more…)

Exterior Lighting Implementation Issues

Many homeowners believe that the exterior lighting is an insignificant nuance that finds itself comfortably at the bottom of the priority list, though such assertion is fundamentally wrong. Light system preparation is a very complicated process that requires a special approach in the early stages of construction works. In order to create the right outdoor lighting at home, the experts compose a draft of underground wiring and aerial lines and, of course, determine the number of light sources and their role.

With the increasing volumes of middle/prestigious class residential complexes building, lighting design has managed to form a separate branch. Moreover, the brand-new direction started living its own life, absorbing traditional elements from various industries and giving birth to neoteric concepts and approaches. Therefore, an advanced lighting project may be comprised of myriads of original ideas and lighting effects, combined to produce a truly stunning effect. And even if the aesthetic side is not taken into account, a well-designed and properly adjusted lighting system makes movement on the site in the dark time much safer and easier.

As the development of light design kept on gaining momentum, more and more novelties have entered the market. The manufacturers gave birth to heritage street lighting, hi-tech, modern and Victorian street lighting concepts with thousands of nicely-crafted units to choose from. Thus, if you are looking to complement your Victorian-style exterior with proper elements, e.g. top lanterns, pedestals or columns, the only challenge you will have to overcome is finding a truly reliable lighting fixtures supplier.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Lighting Fixture

Complementing virtually any exterior with nicely-constructed lighting accessories is a by and large walk in the park mission, though you should take into account several factors to ensure a decent choice. Mentioned below is a breakdown of aspects to pay close attention to when selecting the components for your lighting system.

The material a fixture is made of. The market is oozing with plastic, galvanised metal, bronze and wooden units, and since the primary objective of outdoor lighting consists in ensuring safe and easy movement during dark hours, the functionality is the principal aspect to consider. The pros and cons of the units made of solid materials are obvious; however, if you are looking to purchase a metal top lantern, make your choice in favor of the models with anti-corrosion coatings. For example, a protective layer increases the lifespan of the product in 3-4 times on average.

A decent lighting fixture must complement the exterior well, and ideally, the exterior theme should be related closely to the interior one. Therefore, consider the option of purchasing the Victorian street lighting if the interior is implemented in Victorian style. Even though mixing the styles is rarely recommended, you may also have a good look at heritage street lighting fixtures or analogs.

LED and super-LED bulbs provide you with long years of trouble free operation and stand out from the crowd with moderate electricity appetites. Therefore, purchasing a LED-ready lantern is always a wise decision, extremely cost-efficient from the long term prospects. If you are looking for nicely-crafted and affordable traditional street lighting panels, stop y Metcraft – indubitably, one of the most reputed lighting manufacturers offering myriads of attractive options. (more…)

Forster Dean Professional Consultations: FAQ vol.1

I came to England from Eastern Europe a few weeks ago, my English skills are poor. I work as a general worker at a plant for two weeks, and I’ve collided with a serious problem. When I worked in a warehouse, I was knocked by a forklift. I suffered a back injury, and now I cannot work, have to borrow from relatives to somehow make ends meet. I’ve heard that there is a chance to get a compensation. I’m worried that the driver who was driving a forklift, was employed through the agency. Does this mean that the factory will not be responsible for the actions of the driver? Tell me please, is it possible to get any money in my case? I do not have funds to hire a lawyer. Besides, I’m worried about my poor language skills.
Please, help me out. Marek.

Dear Marek, at Forster Dean we deal with accident claims similar to yours on a daily basis. Unfortunately, such incidents frequent enough, and a majority of the victims are eligible to obtain a significant monetary compensation for the injuries and incurred financial losses, including lost earnings and the cost of private treatment. Firstly, you need to be very careful: it is very important to sign any documents relating to the accident knowingly, so make sure that you fully understand the contents and essence (as a last resort, request a translation before signing anything).

Also, be sure to find out if there were witnesses to the incident, and whether they are ready to help you. If there are witnesses, get their contact information and ask them to notify you if their contacts change. Also, try to find out if similar incidents with someone else took place at your company recently. As far as we see now, you need a qualified lawyer in the field of Personal Injury. Typically, lawyers may consider this specialization and hit the ground running, without having to seek the advance payment.

In England, the majority of lawyers working on the so-called principle of ‘no win – no fee’ (even though it has been subjected to a number of core changes and the term no longer reflects the actual meaning, it is still in use in the UK). Mentioned below is the list of Forster Dean offices, working basing on this scheme, you are always welcome at:

  • Birkenhead (Wirral)
  • Chorley (Lancashire)
  • Crewe (Cheshire)
  • Eccles (Greater Manchester)
  • Ellesmere Port (Cheshire)
  • Hanley (Staffordshire)
  • Harpurhey (Greater Manchester)
  • Leigh (Greater Manchester)
  • Liverpool
  • Liverpool (Bootle)
  • Liverpool (County Road, Walton)
  • Liverpool (Huyton)
  • Liverpool (Old Swan)
  • Liverpool (Tuebrook)
  • Newcastle-under-Lyme (Staffordshire)
  • Oldham (Greater Manchester)
  • Preston (Lancashire)
  • Rochdale (Greater Manchester)
  • Runcorn (Cheshire)
  • St Helens (Merseyside)
  • Stafford (Staffordshire)
  • Stockport (Cheshire)
  • Walsall (West Midlands)
  • Warrington (Cheshire)
  • Widnes (Cheshire)
  • Widnes – Conveyancing Department (Cheshire)
  • Wigan (Greater Manchester)

The odds of an expert lawyer to recover the value of professional services from the insurance company of the defendant are pretty good. If you find a lawyer speaking in your native language (and the local market is saturated enough), then you will not need to worry that your employer will take advantage of the fact that you do not speak English well. The lawyer will take care of the drudgery of the process: all you have to do is thoroughly implement the recommendations, and honestly answer the questions. The defendants in your case will act as an employment agency and the factory where the accident occurred. Compensation will be paid by their insurance company. If for some reason our company doesn’t meet you requirements you can seek for legal assistance at Solicitors Guru, a platform gathering legal companies at one place, also you’ll find much useful information about no win no fee deal’s costs and rules.