Forster Dean Professional Consultations: FAQ vol.1

I came to England from Eastern Europe a few weeks ago, my English skills are poor. I work as a general worker at a plant for two weeks, and I’ve collided with a serious problem. When I worked in a warehouse, I was knocked by a forklift. I suffered a back injury, and now I cannot work, have to borrow from relatives to somehow make ends meet. I’ve heard that there is a chance to get a compensation. I’m worried that the driver who was driving a forklift, was employed through the agency. Does this mean that the factory will not be responsible for the actions of the driver? Tell me please, is it possible to get any money in my case? I do not have funds to hire a lawyer. Besides, I’m worried about my poor language skills.
Please, help me out. Marek.

Dear Marek, at Forster Dean we deal with accident claims similar to yours on a daily basis. Unfortunately, such incidents frequent enough, and a majority of the victims are eligible to obtain a significant monetary compensation for the injuries and incurred financial losses, including lost earnings and the cost of private treatment. Firstly, you need to be very careful: it is very important to sign any documents relating to the accident knowingly, so make sure that you fully understand the contents and essence (as a last resort, request a translation before signing anything).

Also, be sure to find out if there were witnesses to the incident, and whether they are ready to help you. If there are witnesses, get their contact information and ask them to notify you if their contacts change. Also, try to find out if similar incidents with someone else took place at your company recently. As far as we see now, you need a qualified lawyer in the field of Personal Injury. Typically, lawyers may consider this specialization and hit the ground running, without having to seek the advance payment.

In England, the majority of lawyers working on the so-called principle of ‘no win – no fee’ (even though it has been subjected to a number of core changes and the term no longer reflects the actual meaning, it is still in use in the UK). Mentioned below is the list of Forster Dean offices, working basing on this scheme, you are always welcome at:

  • Birkenhead (Wirral)
  • Chorley (Lancashire)
  • Crewe (Cheshire)
  • Eccles (Greater Manchester)
  • Ellesmere Port (Cheshire)
  • Hanley (Staffordshire)
  • Harpurhey (Greater Manchester)
  • Leigh (Greater Manchester)
  • Liverpool
  • Liverpool (Bootle)
  • Liverpool (County Road, Walton)
  • Liverpool (Huyton)
  • Liverpool (Old Swan)
  • Liverpool (Tuebrook)
  • Newcastle-under-Lyme (Staffordshire)
  • Oldham (Greater Manchester)
  • Preston (Lancashire)
  • Rochdale (Greater Manchester)
  • Runcorn (Cheshire)
  • St Helens (Merseyside)
  • Stafford (Staffordshire)
  • Stockport (Cheshire)
  • Walsall (West Midlands)
  • Warrington (Cheshire)
  • Widnes (Cheshire)
  • Widnes – Conveyancing Department (Cheshire)
  • Wigan (Greater Manchester)

The odds of an expert lawyer to recover the value of professional services from the insurance company of the defendant are pretty good. If you find a lawyer speaking in your native language (and the local market is saturated enough), then you will not need to worry that your employer will take advantage of the fact that you do not speak English well. The lawyer will take care of the drudgery of the process: all you have to do is thoroughly implement the recommendations, and honestly answer the questions. The defendants in your case will act as an employment agency and the factory where the accident occurred. Compensation will be paid by their insurance company. If for some reason our company doesn’t meet you requirements you can seek for legal assistance at Solicitors Guru, a platform gathering legal companies at one place, also you’ll find much useful information about no win no fee deal’s costs and rules.