The Top Benefits of Using Ultrasonic Industrial Cleaning System

The Top Benefits of Using Ultrasonic Industrial Cleaning System

Ultrasonic industrial cleaners have become one of the top choices when it comes to heavy duty cleaning. It outperforms the mechanical and kinetic energy metal degreaser system by far in performance and cost savings.

How does Ultrasonic Industrial Washers Work?

Ultrasonic industrial degreaser  uses high frequency sound waves to agitate the soil and debris sticking to the surface of the parts. It agitates the solvent or aqueous liquid which leads to rapid formation and bursting of numerous microscopic bubbles resulting in improved cleaning.

The machines in the UltraClean range use this process called cavitation to deal with various type of materials like plastic, glass, ceramic, metal and other substrate substances.

The innovative technology of ultrasonic cleaner provides some unique benefits across a wide spectrum of industries.

The Benefits of Ultrasonic Industrial Washers

Gentle and Thorough Cleaning

Ultrasonic industrial degreaser provides a gentle yet thorough cleaning of your parts. Ultrasonic sound waves do not involve any harsh cleaning techniques, water pressure or abrasion methods and can be used for delicate materials.

This is the reason they are preferred for cleaning microchips, circuit boards, pharmaceutical and surgical parts.

The sound waves also hit the parts from different angles at varying frequencies. This random application of pressure using high frequency waves cleans the whole surface area evenly and effectively.

Clean Complex Parts

While we do have the best on offer, do note that mechanical and other metal degreaser even from standardindustrial cannot clean the interior and complex areas like drilled holes, blinds, fine threads. However, the sound waves coupled with cleaning detergent can reach all areas including any geometrically challenging interior.

Ultrasonic technology can penetrate any crack, crevice and hidden passageways offering superior decontamination.

Time Saving

Ultrasonic cleaners use high frequency waves which can travel as fast as 400 KHz- that means 40,000 sound pulses can be emitted per second!

Each and every pulse that hits the cleaning parts contributes to the cleaning process. So many sound waves per second enable ultrasonic industrial washers to remove dirt and grime faster than any other cleaning technology.

Suitable for All Contaminants

If you want a versatile cleaner that is flexible with all types of soil, ultrasonic washers fit your bill perfectly!

You can clean a wide range of contaminants like oil, grime, grease, dirt, dust, rust, soot, metal shavings, wax, parting compound, clay, sand, oxidation, carbon and almost anything you can think of.

The industrial cleaning system can even wipe out particles of microscopic size.

High Reliability

Unlike other industrial washers, ultrasonic cleaning equipments contain fewer moving parts. You won’t find revolving spray nozzles, fans, agitators, oscillators or pumps- that mean fewer objects to break down and maintain.

The absence of any rotating equipment and movable parts increases the longevity and reliability of the ultrasonic industrial degreaser.

Lower Utility Bills

Ultrasonic cleaners also consume less power for the same reason we discussed above. There are no pumps, mechanical oscillators or sprays which require electrical power.

The system only has a small filter which employs a motor and the rest is taken care by the high frequency waves.